174th Attack Wing Integrated Primary Prevention Program

About the Air Force Integrated Primary Prevention Program

At the 174th Attack Wing, leadership values its people above all else. After all, when our people are at their best, mission-readiness is at its best. The Integrated Primary Prevention Workforce (IPPW) aims to uphold those values by helping leadership build and maintain healthy command climates free from abuse and harm. Fostering healthy command climates leads to enhanced readiness and a greater ability for the U.S. Air Force to execute critical missions. A culture of prevention is key to mission-readiness.

A culture of prevention refers to the willingness to address harmful behaviors through a preventive rather than reactive approach. Leaders can promote a culture of prevention by encouraging healthy habits, empathy, communication, and help-seeking as well as cultivating the values of inclusivity, connectedness, dignity, and respect. Importantly, these skills and values extend beyond the Wing to foster a culture of prevention in all aspects of servicemembers lives.

The IPPW helps leadership by analyzing data and suggesting policy, programs, and practices to contribute to a culture of prevention. For more information on the IPPW, check out Prevention | FAQ.

Primary Prevention Specialist




The goal of the Integrated Primary Prevention Workforce (IPPW) is to empower a cadre of trained professionals, working shoulder to shoulder with Air Force leadership to craft effective policies, revamp and revise current practices, and orchestrate the implementation of comprehensive and multidimensional prevention programs that measurably reduce harmful behavior among Airmen and their families.