Environmental Statement

“The Air National Guard (ANG) prioritizes remedial activities to protect human health and the environment.  The Department of Defense (DoD) has recently identified certain per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) as emerging contaminants of concern and developed a robust investigative response across the enterprise.

A PFAS Site Investigation (SI), was completed at Hancock Field identifying several locations throughout the installation with varying levels of PFAS contamination within surface soils and shallow groundwater.  Although PFAS has been identified, risk of exposure to the Base and surrounding community is not expected to be significant.  No private wells utilized for drinking water have been identified within 4-miles of base boundaries.  Drinking water to the Installation and surrounding community is provided by Onondaga County Water Authority (OCWA) eliminating drinking water as an exposure pathway. 

What is PFOS and PFOA?

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