274th Air Support Operations Squadron trains in the virtual world

  • Published
  • By Senior Airmen Duane Morgan
  • 174th Attack Wing
The 274th Air Support Operation Squadron (ASOS) on Hancock Field received an Air National Guard Advanced Joint Terminal Attack Controller Training System (AAJTS) simulator during the month of March.

The newly acquired dome-shaped, high-fidelity, immersive AAJTS simulator allows an operator to have a 270 degree field of vision while utilizing a variety of equipment, under realistic threat scenarios. Having this virtual training environment ability, gives the operator the sense that he is actually taking part in a real-world operation.

"We can use the simulator to have enemy vehicles moving and shooting in a linear fight while also using other threat systems, forcing our JTAC's to react and show how they would control the aircraft," said Master Sgt.  Joshua Deweese, chief JTAC instructor with the 274th ASOS.

On the battlefield, JTAC's assume command and control of NATO and U.S. strike aircraft when friendly forces are in close range of enemy forces.

"With the new simulator we'll be able to get a better fix on aircraft that are coming in and be able to read what position they're oriented in on the target," said Tech. Sgt. David Cook, JTAC instructor with the 274th   ASOS.

The AAJTS is designed to support Joint Terminal Attack Controller's (JTACs) continuation, qualification and mission rehearsal training requirements.

"I believe that the technology of the simulator is ahead of the times," said Lt. Col. Patrick Cox, commander of the 274th ASOS. "The speed at which you can go through different scenarios is amazing."

Having the ability to create and manipulate the mission environment though the use of the AAJTS is a tremendous advantage in the JTAC's ability to maintain their readiness skills.

It's easy to see that the AAJTS will continue to be a useful training tool at the 274th for years to come.