152nd Air Operations Group Activates New Squadrons

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Duane Morgan
  • 174th Attack Wing
The 152nd Air Operations Group (AOG) held a ceremony activating three new squadrons on Hancock Field Air National Guard Base, Saturday Jan. 9.

Prior to the activation the AOG was organized into three divisions, the Combat Operations Division, the Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Division, and the Communications Division. Moving forward the AOG will be organized into the Combat Operations Squadron (COS), the Air Intelligence Squadron (AIS), and the Air and Space Communication Squadron (ACOMS).

"Activating the three squadrons was an important step in the evolution of group as it will allow us to be more in-line with the traditional Air Force structure of flights and squadrons," said Col. Michael Comella, the commander of the 152nd AOG.

The new structure will also provide a clear path for career development opportunities for officers and enlisted airmen, Comella explained. 

Along with the activation, the group conducted an assumption of command ceremony for the newly formed squadrons.

Col. Brian will be the new commander of the COS. He is currently the Director of Operations for the 152nd AOG. In his new position, Brian will be responsible for responding to battle field dynamics through command and control of air and missile defense operations. He will also be responsible for changes made to published air tasking orders for mission requirements.

Lt. Col. Scott will be the new commander of the AIS. He is currently the Chief of the Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Division for the 152nd AOG. In his new position, Scott will be responsible for providing subordinate units with intelligence and targeting information which helps drive the air tasking cycle.

Lt. Col. Donald will be the new commander of the ACOMS. He currently serves as the Chief, Air and Space Communications Directorate for the 152nd AOG. In his new position, Donald will provide communication support to the Air Operations Center to ensure that all systems are integrated and operating properly.

Comella stated that while the changes took nearly eight ½ years to complete, he's very excited about the group's future.

"I'm excited about the changes though I'm certain it'll come with some growing pains," said Comella. "The group has some very talented Airmen whom I'm confident will figure it out."