• Published
  • By Lt. Col. Barbara Hisel
  • 174FW, Military Personnl Flight Commander
The Guard Recruiting Assistance Program is excited to announce a new Officer promotion that will allow Active Recruiting Assistants (RAs) to receive $4,000 for their qualified Officer accessions. RAs will receive an initial $2,000 payment if their Potential Officer enlists on or between the promotional periods of 1 March 2008 - 30 September 2008. RAs will receive a subsequent $2,000 payment upon the completion of a Prior Service Officer's 90-day affiliation. For Non-Prior Service Officers, a second payment of $2,000 will be made to the RA upon their nominee' s successful shipment to the Academy of Military Science (AMS)*.

A nominee must have an enlistment date of 1 March 2008 - 30 September 2008 to qualify for the initial $2,000 incentive.

* Non-prior Service members must ship to AMS by 31 Oct 08 to be eligible for the second $2,000 payment.

Please contact a member of the G-RAP team at 866-566-2472 with any questions regarding the qualification criteria.

** Applies ONLY to new Officers joining the ANG. Current ANG Airmen commissioning as an Officer in the ANG are not eligible nominations for the promotion. Shipments occurring on or after 1 Nov 08 will not qualify for the additional incentive compensation. Enlistments that occur within the promotional time frame but do not result in an AMS shipment by 31 Oct 08 will be considered paid in full upon the $2,000 enlistment payment. Enlistment dates are confirmed through both the AFRISS and MilPDS systems. The RA must fulfill their G-RAP obligations outlined in the training module "Responsibilities of a Recruiting Assistant" prior to the disbursement of payments. Potential Officer nominations made prior to the effective dates of the promotion are eligible provided that the enlistment occurs during the promotional time period.