Taking Care of AEF Travel

  • Published
  • By TSgt Chris Cox
  • 174 FW
     Welcome to your local 174th FW Travel Agency. At this time I would like to invite you to sit back and listen as I tell you all about the entitlements you so richly deserve as a member of our frequent flyer program. Just relax because we are here to ensure that all of your accommodations are taken care of. 

     For starters let's talk about your food and lodging for the time that you are away from home. While you are traveling you will receive 75% of the full rate of per diem on your very first and last travel day. All other travel days will be paid out at 100% of the daily rate. While staying at your luxurious getaway in the sun, not only will you be fed three full meals a day, that's right per CENTCOM all meals are provided and directed while you are in the AOR, but on top of all that you will receive an additional $3.50 per day, starting on your first full day in country and ending on your last full day in country. Now that you know all of your dietary needs will be met, no need to worry about where you will lay your head each night either. We intend to see to it that you are furnished with your very own sleeping accommodations as well, and during your travel days. However, if the need should arise for you to stay at a hotel for the night, feel free to charge that right to your Government Travel Card, although this is not a mandatory item to have with you it is highly encouraged in case of emergency (FOOT STOMP), just make sure you keep your receipt and we will be happy to pay for that for you as well. 

     Speaking of receipts, we here at the finance office highly encourage (another FOOT STOMP) that you maintain a copy of all of your receipts as you never know which ones you may need. Such mandatory receipts include any lodging, airline, rental car, excess baggage, and any reimbursable item of $75.00 or more, just to name a few. Since I've mentioned excess baggage let me tell you another little secret that the airlines may not want you to know, US Airways has agreed to let all active duty military, with a valid ID, be exempt from the standard $25.00 fee normally charged for a second piece of checked baggage. As a pre-cautionary note for you to remember though, while traveling on military aircraft you will not incur any expenses for excess baggage, therefore if you should choose to mail your baggage home it would not be reimbursable to you. You will only be authorized reimbursement if you are traveling on commercial air. 

     If you should happen to incur any of these expenses or have the need to use your Government Travel Card (for official use only), you will need to file an accrual (interim) voucher with us. You can accomplish this right through the Virtual MPF (VMPF). Once submitted it will be sent electronically right to the 174th FW Finance Office, where it will be processed expeditiously. Please ensure that you do not file any travel vouchers with any other finance office except the 174th FW Finance Office. This is very important as it will greatly delay your receipt of your much earned travel entitlements. 
      When you return from your travels abroad and you stop in your finance office, no need to even ask, one of our friendly staff will be there to assist you with any questions you may have about filling out your travel voucher. We are pleased to do this, because we pride ourselves on giving our customers the best service possible to ensure not only the quickest, but most accurate travel payout as possible.