Useful Websites

  • Published
  • By TSgt Gabby Persio
  • 174 FW,Finance
Here are some websites that contain extremely useful information. Some of them
allow you to perform self-service actions you can take yourself and save a trip to
finance. Others are particularly helpful as they relate to deployment. 

PAY: On MyPay you can view/print your LES's (AGR last 12,
traditional last 3). You can also start and stop allotments, update your W-4, print W-
2, update your TSP address, and change your direct deposit information. Remember
if you change your direct deposit information this will affect your pay only not your
travel pay. This is the government's TSP website where you can check
your account balances, retrieve quarterly statements, and perform interfund transfers.
Both military and civilian accounts included. Contains general information on military pay, civilian pay, retired
pay, and even vendor/contract pay. It also has a link to MyPay. 

ADDITIONAL CIVILIAN PAY & BENEFITS: Great website for air technicians to research federal personnel
benefits programs. DoD's official website for the up and coming National Security
Personnel System, which will likely revise the General Schedule (not WG) system. 

TRAVEL: This site will list per-diem rates for
both CONUS and OCONUS. Lodging rates listed for CONUS do not include any
taxes however OCONUS rates do include taxes. When looking up rates be sure to
note the effective dates for the location. This site will also list whether lodging and
dining facilities are available at the location, and BAH rates listed by zip code and
rank. This site is useful when traveling. It list lodging information
for air force and navy including rates, address, phone #, email and links for
online reservations if available. This site outlines individual
state policies governing tax-exempt status when traveling on official government
business. Allows you to view your current balance and
make a payment on your GTC. Be sure to select federal government charge card
and not credit card. You will need information off your GTC to verify your identity. 

BENEFITS AND TAXES: Excellent source of information
regarding New York's Patriot Plan; outlines free hunting/fishing licenses, empire
passports, state active duty pay, etc. Great source of information for all taxpayers, especially this time
of year. Includes the particulars on combat zone extensions to the 15 April deadline.