New Credit Card Scam--GSA

  • Published
  • By Erin E. VanDagna
  • Service Delivery Division Director (QMBB) Office of Charge Card Management (QMB)
Citibank has alerted GSA to a new type of credit card scam referred to as "Vishing," "Vhishing," or "Voice Phishing" that makes use of the telephone to get personal financial information for fraudulent purposes. 

The scam starts out as a spoofed e-mail message from Citicards US addressed
"Dear Cardmember" stating that the security of your account has been compromised
and advises you to dial a 1-800 number to verify your account information. From there
on, automated messages prompt you for your account number, security pin, date of
birth, etc. While this scam may be limited to cards issued by Citibank, it is possible
that it could spread to include additional banks. 

For this reason, the Office of Charge Card Management wanted to inform all A/
OPCs of this scam as a precautionary measure. All cardholders are advised to disregard e-mails and/or phone calls that request personal cardholder information.
If Citibank (or any contractor bank) sends information to cardholders, it would be in the
form of a letter addressed directly to the cardholder in the name that appears on their
charge card account. The only phone number that cardholders should use to contact
their charge card bank is the customer service number found on the back of their
charge card.