Air National Guard RUTA Make-Up Policy

  • Published
  • By Major Chuck Hutson, Comptroller
  • 174th Fighter Wing
The Air National Guard Bureau is continuing its RUTA make-up policy for FY08. The policy aims to ensure the Air National Guard as a whole, fully spends the Military Personnel appropriation. When any military service underspends an appropriation, Congress reduces that appropriation in successive fiscal years. Therefore it is critical appropriations are fully spent! To that end, appropriation risk is reduced when RUTAs are not made-up and paid-out later than 19 August.

So the official word is:
- RUTAs may not be made up after 19 August, except for RUTAs for the months of August and September.
- August and September RUTAs may be made up after the 19 August deadline; anytime prior to 1 October.
- NGB-105s must be turned into Finance for payment NLT 1200 on 20 August.

In light of the unit AEF deployment, we've coordinated with the Air National Guard Bureau for an exception to this policy. As such all deployers who miss June and July UTAs are permitted to make-up June and July RUTAs after 19 August; anytime prior to 1 October.