Couples' Weekend Retreat

  • Published
  • By Terri Scanlin
  • 174th Family Readiness Coordinator
Funding for the Strong Bonds Weekend Retreat has been approved! Deadline for sign up has been extended to October 24th.

Please note: The Wing Commander encourages maximum participation and has authorized military members to participate in a paid status (RUTA or AT as coordinated through the squadron/CC).

The 174th Fighter Wing Strong Bonds Couples Weekend Retreat November 7, 8 and 9th, 2008, Radisson Hotel, Corning, NY

Whether you've celebrated one anniversary or 20, as an Air National Guard couple you can anticipate more excitement--and expect more challenges--than the average civilian couple. The stress of deployments can subject Air National Guard marriages to extreme hardship. That's why the Strong Bonds Couples program was developed. It's our way of saying thank you for the sacrifices you and your family make every day as members of the military. And, because we understand the stresses of military life, we want to serve you through an off-base Strong Bonds weekend retreat. You and others from your unit will gain skills that fortify your marriage, and enjoy a time of relaxation, recreation, fellowship, and fun. Strong Bonds programs are offered by the National Guard Chaplains Office with the full support of your Commander. You'll gain practical, useful information based on world-class curriculum developed from years of research. As a couple, you'll practice communication and relationship building skills, as well as share intimate moments. The Strong Bonds Couples weekend retreat is designed to strengthen relationships, inspire hope and rekindle marriages--even start the journey of healing for relationships under fire.

Expectations of attendees: 

A. Married couples are invited if the service member has returned from deployment since 1 January 2007. 

B. Couples are expected to participate in the general session on Friday night, remain overnight, attend the entire day on Saturday and depart at midday on Sunday. 

C. Childcare will NOT be available at the site. This weekend is meant to be a couples retreat and we ask that children do not accompany you. 

D. This workshop is limited to 50 couples. 

E. Attendees must register between 1800 and 2000 hours, Friday, November 7, 2008. Late arrival will be accepted with prior notification. 

F. Dress code for all participants is civilian casual attire.

Event Location: Radisson Hotel, Corning, New York 

Proposed schedule of events: 

Friday evening: Registration, light snacks and refreshment and overview of weekend. 

Saturday: Session begins at 8 am. You will receive the "tools" needed for effective, positive communication, problem-solving, and intimate romance. You and your loved one will be released by late afternoon to spend the evening together. There are wonderful restaurants and plenty to see in the Corning area. 

Sunday: The morning will be spent discussing other relationship tools and completing travel vouchers. Plan on leaving around 11:30 on Sunday, November 9th.

Participating spouses will be placed on Invitational Travel Orders by the Family Programs Office. Hotel accommodations, mileage for privately-owned vehicles, and meals (Saturday breakfast, lunch and snacks) will be reimbursed. Participants are responsible for incidental expenses and other meals and entertainment. In other words, we pay for your hotel, mileage and some meals!

Selection of couples will be prioritized according to the length and frequency of their deployment(s).

Point of Contact: Terri Scanlin, Wing Family Program Coordinator, 315-233-2577

You will receive confirmation of selection by November 1st.  Please complete and return the attached application or call me as soon as possible.