Split-Disbursement During GTC Cutover

  • Published
  • By SMSgt John Ditro
  • 174th FW Financial Services Supervisor
In recent months the Finance Office has been publicizing the arrival of a new GTC.  After a 10-year partnership with Bank of America, DoD has awarded the government travel card contract to Citibank.  In anticipation of the transition, there are a few things card holders should know. 

For a period of time, this will affect the normality of how we pay off expenses charged to the GTC.  If you plan on traveling around the end of November or early December, you are smack dab in the middle of the GTC crossover from Bank of America to Citibank.  The important date to know is 29 November.  At midnight, Eastern Standard Time, your Bank of America card becomes obsolete and your new Citibank card becomes active.  If you are traveling prior to this date and your orders continue past November 29 be prepared to carry both GTCs with you. 

The most important question that needs to be addressed is:  how to split-disburse?  As it stands now, split-disbursement from both travel systems (AROWS orders and DTS orders) will continue to be forwarded to Bank of America until 20 December.  Any travel expenses incurred after 29 November will need to be paid directly to Citibank by the cardholder, after receiving their travel reimbursement. 

Furthermore, for the period 30 November to 20 December, all travelers are advised to NOT split-disburse if you incur expenses on your Citibank GTC.  This is because any split-disbursement will be sent to Bank of America and result in a credit balance for which the traveler will have to phone the bank in order to receive a refund.  Starting 21 December, our travel systems will reflect the new Citibank card split-disbursement information and business will continue as normal. 

We are hopeful that this will be a smooth transition with minimal disruption.  I can address any questions or concerns. 

SMSgt Ditro (315) 233-2482.