W-2 Schedule

  • Published
  • By Lt. Col. Chuck Hutson
  • 174 FW, Comptroller
  • W-2s for Guardsman are available on MyPay 5 Jan 2009
  • W-2s for Civilian/Technician, available on MyPay 6 Jan 2009
  • W-2s for AGR (permanent), available on MyPay 23 Jan 2009
    The amount of money military and civilian federal employees are allowed to contribute to the Thrift Savings Plan has risen to $16,500 in 2009, up from $15,500 in 2008. The ceiling for contributions to the catch-up plan, which allows older retirees to contribute additional money to their TSP accounts, also have risen to $5,500 in 2008, up from $5,000. Military members who serve in tax-free combat zones can contribute up to $49,000 per year.