Military OneSource Tax-Filing Services

  • Published
  • By Ms. Terri Scanlin
  • 174FW, Family Readiness Coordinator
Beginning January 19, 2009 Military OneSource will provide free tax-filing services to service members and their families, including free online tax-filing services (both state and federal) and free tax consultations by phone. 

Users can access these free services through the link that we will post January 19 on the Military OneSource Online home page at

(Please don't try to register in advance by accessing a tax-filing service Web site directly; the only way to use our free customized version of the tax site is through our home-page link.) 

Keep in mind that Military OneSource can help tame your tax stress with expert advice on planning, on tax issues specific to service members, and sound ways to use your refund. Our expertly prepared articles, Filing Taxes When a Service Member is Deployed and Quick Tips for Using Your Tax Refund (enter these titles into the search box at can also help.