Hancock Field Launches Environmental Program

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Kevin Dean
  • 174th
Procuring chemicals used to clean floors and windows might appear to be a small mission however those chemicals have a major impact on an air base. At Hancock Field the base is converting to a greener and environmentally friendly cleaning system.

The civil engineering control manager, Tech. Sgt. Michael D. Lucak, is leading this conversion effort to a new control detergent system that has less chemical storage and integrates the base into a single system that also uses fewer chemicals.

The base is mandated by the state and federal government as well as the U.S Air Force to go green. The Air Force green procurement program directs that Air Force purchase green friendly products in accordance with government regulations.

Changing to a greener system reduces the exposure toxic exposure to Air Guard personnel. The system will be implemented base wide and is a team effort that offers a low cost and efficient change in base procedures.

Personnel here are not to buy cleaning supplies for the buildings because they are supplied. Upon implementation of the system every building will have cleaning agent dispensing units that are specifically tailored to each buildings individual requirements. The base wide control detergent system in addition to being fast and effective is also less expensive than the current system.

Lucak states that innovative system protects the environment and is easy to use. Each detergent is color coded by bottle, dispensing unit and a chart for easy use. Instead of the bases current system of each building having individual cleaning compounds detergent control system will centralize and reduce the cleaning agents used here.

Hancock Field is a steward of the environment and recognizes the importance of protecting the environment in addition to its state and federally mandated missions.