NY State Human Resource Advisor Visits

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Kevin K. Dean
  • 174th Fighter Wing Public Affairs
The New York State Air National Guard Human Resource Advisor (HRA) , Chief Master Sgt. Charles U. Fernandez, visited Hancock Field here and conducted diversity training and awareness for the 174th fighter wing on April 4, 2009. 

Hernandez met with the 174th Fighter Wing Commander, Col. Kevin W. Bradley and the 174th command chief who both embrace diversity and fully support the new 174th Fighter Wing HRA Senior Master Sgt. Leon A. Saddler. 

Hernandez educated the wing here about the importance of diversity awareness, mentoring and of a positive culture by conducting a workshop for the 174th fighter wing. He stated that it's important that people are cognizant that there are cultural differences and he said "it's up to the individual to respect the differences of people". 

The training emphasized the importance of culture and its relevance to maintaining high-quality personnel in the unit. 

As the New York State Air National Guard, Human Resource Advisor, Hernandez is visiting the all the New York Air National Guard unit human resource advisors from Niagara to Long Island to assist and to support their functions and Hernandez said, "being a human resource advisor is about helping people" 

Hernandez said "valuing diversity is important to what we do as airman". As the State Human Resource Manager, Hernandez has 31 years military service and was the human resource manager for the last 4 years at the 105th Airlift Wing so he has a lot of experience helping others. 

The HRA promotes opportunities for all New York State Air Guard members to take full advantage of their potential for achievement without regard to cultural differences. The 174th Fighter Wing Commander, Col. Kevin W. Bradley said at the training "it's about celebrating diversity and the strengths that different cultures bring to the table". 

The 174th Fighter Wing values diversity and cultural awareness as an integral part of the mission and fully supports programs that encourage a non-discriminatory working environment.