174th Communications Squadron Prepares for Exercise

  • Published
  • By Senior Ariman Kevin Dean
  • 174 Fighter Wing
The 174th Fighter Wing's Communication Squadron trained Air Guard communications members from across the state in how to set up the Joint Incident Site Communications Capability system on 7 June 2009. 

The JISCC is an initial mobile support communications system that deploys from state guard units to provide radio, radar, telephone and internet capabilities to first responders and other local, state, and federal agencies. 

Communication members from the 105th Airlift Wing, 106th Rescue Wing, 107th Air Refueling Wing and the Northeast Air Defense Sector trained here on setting up the JISCC in preparation for exercise Vigilant Guard in November. 

The 174th FW Communication Squadron here is the only Air National Guard unit in New York State with the Joint Incident Site Communications Capability center. 

The communications center is set up by six enlisted members and one officer and can be set up in one hour. The 174th Communication Officer, Captain Jason B. Taylor states, "We can sustain this over a period of months using other units". 

The system was designed as a response to the communication problems experienced during Hurricane Katrina and in April the North Dakota National Guard used the system while fighting flooding from the Red River. The system allows military and civilian to communicate through various methods such as cell phone, landline and radio via the JISCC. 

In November members from the 174th Fighter Wing Communications Squadron will participate in an annual federally regulated emergency response exercise simulating an earthquake disaster in conjunction with civilian first responders and civilian authorities.