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  • By MSgt Rita Scheirer
  • Alumni Association President
The annual Alumni Association Picnic was held Saturday, July 18th. What a joy is was seeing so many friends gathered, all dressed in smiles and happy nostalgia! 

Unfortunately the down side is that it appears we do not have an all-inclusive current mailing label listing, because I've already received a couple phone calls from members that did not receive notice of the Picnic, and missed the event. We could not be more saddened that anyone that could have attended had they known, may have been unable to attend and participate, because of the organization's lack of an all-inclusive mailing listing. We've already started taking steps to see this does not happen again. If you know of anyone that fits this situation, please contact Chuck Normanly, our Membership Chairman. He'll be more than happy to update his listing! 
He can be reached at (315) (315) 652-5960.

For anyone that couldn't attend, let me fill you in on some of the news from Saturday's picnic. Our first item is to thank all the people whose efforts contributed the event. From moving tables and chairs and set-up of the seating on the day before the event, to purchasing, cooking and serving at the event, I don't want to start naming names for fear of leaving anyone specifically mentioned over another. It's important that everyone know that this was a huge effort that included the Picnic Committee, members from the monthly meetings that heard of a need, and answered those needs, as well as so many Hancock Field currently still serving members that are not yet Association members. Evidence of the Air Guard being a family still abounds in the spirit of volunteerism and generosity for Association events. Seeing this is as much of a joy as the event itself. I thank you all that helped, attended, or even RSVPd when you could not attend!

One stand-out we do need to mention is Bob Murfit's efforts on creating a Heritage DVD. Many folks have contributed still or video for Bob to consolidate on a DVD, and Dave Moskwa was able to set it up so we could enjoy the DVD's debut at the picnic. We wish to send out an all-points bulletin for more photos and video. If you have something you'd like to share, please call Bob at (315) 463-4182 or 559-4096. The original plan was to have something running inside the 174th's Military Exhibit at the State Fair. But this is too good a product to limit to one venue. Plus, the Wing is currently looking for vintage uniforms, display items, and more pictures and video for the huge Heritage Celebration on October 2nd. We'd like to hear from you, if you have anything to share!

Another item from the Picnic was to vote on a proposed amendment to the Association's constitution. The current Constitution requires folks to have served one day in the 174th in order to obtain Regular Association membership. This requirement leaves out folks from the 274th, 152nd, 108th and 113th that all served honorably and with distinction at Hancock Field. Ballots were given out at the Picnic (only to Association members, as they are the only ones that can vote to change the By-Laws or Constitution). 51 ballots were received and it was unanimous to amend the Constitution to read as follows;

"Regular Members. All former members of the 174th Fighter Wing, former civilian employees of the 174th Fighter Wing, former air advisors of the 174th Fighter Wing, members and former members of other NY Air Guard Organizations located at Hancock Field, and former members that have preceded the 174th Fighter Wing since the organization of this Unit of the New
York Air National Guard on October 28, 1947."

Next, with the down side of missing any Alumni Association members that might have been able to attend, but did not received the mail notification post-card, we're moved to even more enthusiastically publicize this year's remaining big events. The Base's 2nd Annual Clam Bake is August 15th ($25 per person). Our regular, monthly business meeting is August 20th . The State Fair is 27 August to 7 September (look for Military Exhibit in the same location as last year...east of the Coliseum and parallel to State Fair Boulevard). And finally, again, the Wing's Heritage Event in the Hangar October 2nd. We'll forward more details when they become available.

It's also important that we let you know that the Base e-mail capabilities have changed. Going through the regular USAF firewalls and security blocks, just about anything you send to the base as an e-mail (especially youtube and like attachments) are most likely not be getting through to me. This is reflective of the very tough monster called "information warfare", and it's no small issue. This is not the avenue to share the realism of individuals trying to do by access or infiltrate government computer systems. However, in the future, if you don't hear from me when you contact me through e-mail, please give me a call or leave me a voice mail 233-2606 as well

Reminder of your Board and Officers: Board of Directors: Pat Normanly, Ed MacNabb, Mike Silkworth, Maureen McNamara, Gary Scheirer

President: Rita Scheirer
Vice Pres: Vince Coon
Secretary: Frank Duester
Treasurer: Floyd Dufore
Chaplain: Chief (Deacon) Don Whiting

We'd also like to thank our on-going program chairmen:

Membership Chairman: Chuck Normanly
Programs Chair: Frank Duester

Again, our next meeting is Thursday, August 20th at 7pm in the All Services Club Heritage Room. Bring consider the Association's future and your participation in it, won't you? We're soon to be working this year's annual election, and I, for one, will not be able to assist in a leadership position for 2010.

And as always our newsletters carry our sincere prayers and sympathies to the families of Alumni Association members that are sick or have passed. God Bless and Take Care!
MSgt Rita Scheirer
Alumni Association President
(315) 233-2606.