"Top Performers"

  • Published
  • By Capt. Anthony L. Bucci, Public Affairs Officer
  • 174th Fighter Wing
Two recruiters from the New York Air National Guard were lauded recently for their outstanding weekly accession rate and named "Top Performers".

TSgt. Julien R. Paquin and TSgt. Frederick Stoquert from the 174th Fighter Wing were recently recognized for their exceptional accession rate for the week of 28 February to 6 March 2010.

To accession a potential recruit means how many prospective Air National Guardsmen they were able to get signed up and shipped off to Basic Military Training.

Stoquert has been a recruiter for just under four years having spent the majority of his career working, active duty and ANG, in the fuels career field.

"There is a certain satisfaction for me to see this young person returning to my office after having completed their training. When they return they have a different demeanor to them then when I first met them, more mature and focused," Stoquert said.

Paquin has spent his entire career working in civil engineering, both on active duty and the ANG, except for the last four years or so as a recruiter.

"It is sometimes difficult finding qualified applicants who can meet the educational and physical requirements. But, when you find one and you are successful in placing him or her in the unit you are very satisfied with yourself", said Paquin.

Paquin when on to say that the job is very demanding both personally and professionally, however the personal satisfaction he receives from it makes it all worthwhile.

"Often times you are working late or from home and it can be difficult to juggle family and the job. But the reward to me is seeing that individual returning to the unit and being a productive member of the team", said Paquin.

They both went on to add that they are very pleased when they have a potential recruit come to their office armed with information, clearly demonstrating they have done their homework.

"These kids get a lot of information from the internet; however most times this is just the bones of the issue or question. It is then up to us to add more meat on those bones by giving them further details to better answer their question" said Stoquert.

With the country involved in two wars one would think that this would hurt recruiting for the 174th Fighter Wing, however just the opposite is true as there is approximately a six-month waiting list to join the unit.

"Often times when the potential recruit comes to speak with us they are accompanied by their parent or guardian and we encourage that. The parent has concerns about the deployment schedule, but once we explain how as compared to the other branches we have an extremely low deployment rate they usually feel calmer and assured" said Stoquert.

Currently the 174th Fighter Wing is at full strength with potential recruits on a waitlist to join. This unbelievable achievement is possible because of the efforts of these two "Top Performers".