October is Energy Awareness Month

  • Published
  • By Maj. Jeffrey D. Brown
  • 174 FW/PAO
October is Energy Awareness Month. Please keep in mind as we move forward to reducing our environmental foot print in the U.S. that energy conservation and usage is at the utmost importance. Listed below are some tips on how to conserve energy in the workplace:

1. Replace incandescent lights with compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) for desk
lamps and overhead lighting. Using CFLs instead of comparable incandescent
bulbs can save about 50 percent on your lighting costs. CFLs use only one-fourth
the energy and last up to 10 times longer.

2. Switch off all unnecessary lights. Use dimmers, motion sensors, or
occupancy sensors to automatically turn off lighting when not in use to
reduce energy use and costs.

3. Turn off lights when you leave at night.

4. Use natural lighting or day lighting. When feasible, turn off lights near

5. Remove excessive light bulbs from overhead lighting.

6. Use task lighting; instead of brightly lighting an entire room, focus the
light where you need it, to directly illuminate work areas.

7. Close or adjust window blinds to block direct sunlight to reduce cooling
needs during warm months. Overhangs or exterior window covers are most
effective to block sunlight on south-facing windows.

8. In the winter months, open blinds on south-facing windows during the day
to allow sunlight to naturally heat your workspace. At night, close the
blinds to reduce heat loss at night.

9. Unplug equipment that drains energy when not in use (i.e. cell phone
chargers, fans, coffeemakers, desktop printers, radios, etc.).

10. Turn off your monitor(s) at the end of the work day. If you leave your
desk for an extended time, turn off your monitor.

11. Turn off photocopier at night or purchase a new copier with low standby
feature. Purchase printers and fax machines with power management feature
and use it.

12. Save paper. Photocopy only what you need. Try to always use the second
side of paper, either by printing on both sides or using the blank side as
scrap paper.