Holiday Recycling Tips

  • Published
  • By Maj Jeff Brown
  • 174th Fighter Wing
Great Ideas for gift wrapping alternatives
· Scarves, handkerchiefs, bandannas.
· Old posters and maps.
· Pages from a child's coloring book taped together.
· Newspapers (foreign newspapers are great!).
· Last year's holiday paper (press with warm iron if wrinkled).
· Home-sewn cloth bags.
· Sunday comic pages.
· A present in a present (for example, cookies in a reusable tin or cookie jar, kitchen gifts in towels or all-purpose cloths).
· Reusable decorative bags.
· A "Hollywood Box": individually wrap or decorate the top and bottom of a box with a separate lid. Encourage the recipient to reuse the box. Think of using those printer paper boxes.
· Purchase wrapping paper made from recycled paper.