Syracuse University at Hancock Field Air National Guard Base

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Duane Morgan
  • 174th Attack Wing

Advisors from Syracuse University (SU) showed up to Hancock Field Air National Guard Base to do a presentation about educational benefits that will be available to all members of the 174th Attack Wing (ATKW), as well as their dependents in the near future.

The presentation covered programs that are available to members, tuition assistance, and class dates.

What was previously known as Columbia College will now be known as the Syracuse University building.

Starting on February 8, 2022, Syracuse University advisors will be on base every Tuesday and Thursday. This will give members a chance to be able to sit down and speak with them in person to ask any questions that they may have regarding anything pertaining to taking classes at SU.

“We’re starting with the short-term goal first, which is just getting advisors on base, and then working toward the bigger goal, which is getting actual classes,” Master Sgt. Miles Sauer, 174th recruiting and retention manager said.

“When we had Columbia College here, a lot of our members utilized that school, and it was a very easy way for them to finish their CCAF, and then move on towards a bachelor’s degree. Having classes here on base also makes it more comforting for our members. They get to be around their peers, and can get help from each other whenever they need. It builds relationships on base as well. Having SU come here and have a physical presence will do a lot of good things for our members,” Sauer said.

The 174th leadership is happy about this partnership

“This is an excellent opportunity to further develop our airmen,” Col. William J. McCrink III, 174th ATKW commander said. “Based on the turn out at the presentation today, it seems we’ll be developing airmen far into the future with help from SU.”

Liz Green, Executive Director of Online Student Success, is thrilled to bring SU to the 174th ATKW.

“We could not be more excited,” Green said. “I’ve had the opportunity to come out here about a half dozen times in the last month or so. Everyone has been welcoming, collaborative, helpful, and I feel like we’ll be able to work together to give the best access possible to the members of the 174th ATKW."

Classes will start online, and then they’ll work towards possibly having classes every week.

“We want to hear from airmen about what classes that they’d like to take,” Green said. “For example, if they’d like to take one of their core courses or writing 105, and if it was offered in the summer would it be more helpful if we came to the building, and have it there. We are open to exploring a lot of different hybrid course options in order to meet the demand.”

“The SU team got to learn from us today, and they’ll use that information to implement their programs. Once they have an actual physical space on base, and once we start having physical classes, it’s just going to go up from there,” Sauer said.