174th Attack Wing Hosts a Fall Career Fair

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  • By Staff Sgt. Duane Morgan
  • 174th Attack WIng

The 174th Attack Wing hosted a fall career fair at Hancock Air National Guard Base on Saturday, November 6 and Sunday, November 7.

The first day focused on high school and college students who may be interested in pursing a career in the military. 174th Attack Wing recruiters were at the event to answer any questions students may have and also explain what the New York Air National Guard has to offer.

The second day was opened to community members. This allowed community members to gain a better understanding of each career field and to broaden their knowledge of what the 174th Attack Wing has to offer.

Each event focused on introducing a variety of career fields, to include engineering communications, force support, information technology, intelligence, logistics, public affairs, security forces, and fire protection to community members potentially interested in a career within the New York Air National Guard, specifically here at Hancock Field.

Students and community members visited informational “booths” that was set up for each career field allowing them to ask questions and to gain a better understanding.

Subject matter experts were there for the duration of the event to talk with attendees and answer specific questions related to each job.

The Attack Wing leadership was also in attendance, as Col. William J. McCrink III, 174th Attack Wing Commander, got the chance to enlist six new airmen by reading them their oath of enlistment.

“I thought the enlistment was fantastic,” said McCrink. “Especially being able to do it in a setting like that. recruits get to see airmen who are already a part of the team, watch people join the team. We hope seeing something like that inspires them to join the team.”

The goal was to build on the success of the last career fair this past February, which had more than 90 attendees, resulted in over five airmen joining the unit, and more than 50 people following up with recruiters for more information.

This time around there were over 110 attendees.

“I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome,” said Staff Sgt. Sarah Pietricola, production recruiter with the 174th Attack Wing, and the airmen responsible for hosting the career fair. “I was expecting maybe 30 to 40 people on the first day, about 50 on the second day, and we exceeded that.”

Having an event like this doesn’t come without its challenges though.

“One of the biggest challenges was communicating with 60 to 70 people from shops all over base, making sure everyone has things in order, and making sure everyone was pretty much on the same page,” said Pietricola.

The recruiting office plans on hosting the career fair three times per year, and hopes with each year it brings a larger number of attendees, and hopefully recruits.

For more information on joining the 174th Attack Wing, please contact the recruiting office at 315-233-2159.