174th Attack Wing Hosts Career Fair

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Duane Morgan
  • 174th Attack Wing

The 174th Attack Wing’s recruiting office hosted a career fair at Hancock Field Air National Guard Base on Saturday, February 6.


The three hour event focused on introducing a variety of career fields, to include engineering communications, force support, information technology, intelligence, logistics, public affairs, security forces, and fire protection to community members potentially interested in a career within the New York Air National Guard, specifically here at Hancock Field.


Attendees got to visit an informational “booth” that was set up for each career field that was presented.


Subject matter experts were there for the duration of the event to talk with attendees and answer specific questions related to each job.


The Attack Wing leadership was also in attendance, as Col. William J. McCrink III, 174th Attack Wing Commander, got the chance to enlist six new airmen by reading them their oath of enlistment.


“I thought the enlistment was outstanding for a number of reasons,” said McCrink. “I think it was really special for the six members that enlisted and for everyone else, especially the potential recruits. To see something like that is cool, and I think it motivates people in a way.”


“Anytime I get to enlist someone I’m honored as well as proud,” said McCrink. “It’s just such a big day for them as they start their military service and their career. Just to be part of it is awesome.”


The goal was to build on the success of the last career fair this past August, which had more than 70 attendees, resulted in 10 airmen joining the unit, and more than 45 people following up with recruiters for more information.


This time around there were over 100 attendees.


“I was happy with the amount of people that showed up,” said Senior Airman Trayvon Wynn, recruiter with the 174th Attack Wing, and the airmen responsible for hosting the career fair. “We had more people show up than the last career fair, which shows that we’re getting the word out, and people in the community are interested in what we have to offer here at the 174th.”


Having an event like this doesn’t come without its challenges though.


“One of the biggest challenges was coordinating with each shop and making sure everyone was on the same page,” said Wynn. “Then on the day of the event we had a few people show up who weren’t on our entry list, but I contacted Security Forces and they did an excellent job with the background checks and we were able to get those people on base quickly.”


All of the hard work that was put into making the career fair successful didn’t go unnoticed.


“With all the things that were thrown at airman Wynn, he responded exceptionally well,” said Senior Master Sgt. Brad Addison, Force Development superintendent. “Airman Wynn went above and beyond and in my eyes the career fair was a great success.”


The recruiting office plans on hosting the career fair twice per year, and hopes with each year it brings a larger number of attendees, and hopefully recruits.


For more information on joining the 174th Attack Wing, please contact the recruiting office at 1(800)883-4484.