174th Attack Wing Reopens Base Gym

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Duane Morgan
  • 174th Attack Wing


With concerns of COVID-19 running high. Many companies and businesses decided to temporarily shut down certain day to day operations. This, of course, was done to prevent to possible spread of the virus.

Work that is deemed essential didn’t have the luxury of doing this. So essential workers had to use other preventative measures.

The 174th Attack Wing (ATKW) decided to close a high traffic area on base, the gym.

This caused many members on base to figure out different ways to stay in shape.

“I did a lot of things at home,” said Tech. Sgt. Scott Spier. “I picked up on cardio a little more than normal and I bought a pull-up bar to add to my regular workout that includes push-ups and sit-ups.”

Recently the 174th ATKW reopened its gym and its members can’t be happier.

“This works perfect for us,” said Spier. “It’s a form of stress relief, it’s a good way to burn energy and most importantly allows you to stay healthy and pass those PT tests, which is not only important to me, but to the military in general.”

The base has a set of rules and regulations to ensure the safety of its members.

Members have to wear a separate pair of sneakers than the ones that they wear to the gym, there can only be a maximum of 15 people using the gym at any time, and each member gets one hour to use the facility.

There are members assigned to monitor the gym. They are also responsible for ensuring that each machine is wiped down after use.

“During our slow time, open or close, we are wiping everything down ourselves as well as mopping the floor,” said Spier.

Before closing, the gym averaged about 50 people a day. Since reopening, the gym is averaging 70 people a day, with a majority of the members coming during the afternoon.

“I’m just thankful that the gym has reopened because having a gym is extremely important,” said Spier.

Base gym hours are Monday – Friday 0600 -2000.

The gym is also open on Drill Weekends from 0600 – 2000.