military equal opportunity office

MEO Mission Statement 
The mission of the MEO office is to promote an environment free from personal, social, or institutional barriers that prevent ANG members from rising to the highest level of responsibility possible.

MEO Goal Statements
  1. To assist and advise the Wing and Unit Commanders, along with respective GSU's, on all equal opportunity and sexual harassment issues.
  2. Ensure members receive required harassment and diversity training.
  3. To provide assistance to unit members who do not where to turn.
  4. Serve as the central point for all discrimination complaint processing.
  5. Provide Commanders with assessment tools for their sections to address potential problems that might affect mission accomplishment.
  6. Prepare required reports for higher headquarters in a timely manner.

useful Information

  • Noise Complaints 1-800-228-3567

  • Public Affairs 315-233-2651 

  • ID Cards 233-2496 or 233-2151

  • Military Pay 233-2491

  • Family Programs 233-2577

  • Base Honor Guard 233-2515

  • Base Exchange 233-2440

  • Fitness Center 233-2535

  • Heritage Room/ All Services Club 233-2200

  • Alumni Association 233-2200

  • Columbia College 233-2238

  • After Hours Contact 233-2199