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Category: Sexual Assault Precention
  • Understanding Recovery

    For most survivors, a sexual assault, particularly rape or sodomy, is probably the most traumatic event to ever touch their life. How you react and recover will be dependent upon many factors including the relationship with the perpetrator, the level of violence and duration of the attack, other life-crisis experiences, a support system,
  • DOD officials kick off Sexual Assault Awareness Month with campaign, Web site

    As part of a nationwide observance this month to raise awareness about one of the country's most under-reported crimes, Defense Department officials launched a new Web site and campaign April 3 that give military members fresh initiatives and new teaching methods to prevent sexual assault, the department's top prevention expert said. "Sexual
  • Pentagon plans sexual assault prevention campaign

    Just as the armed forces paved the way for integration more than 60 years ago, Defense Department officials are working to prevent sexual assault not only in the military, but also throughout the nation, the department's top prevention expert said here March 6. "It is our goal to develop a sexual assault prevention program that can be a benchmark
  • Bystanders key to preventing sexual assault

    When it comes to preventing sexual assault, Airmen have a responsibility to look out for their own, the Secretary of the Air Force's policy expert on preventing sexual assault told members of Congress here March 6. Charlene Bradley and other sister service representatives testified before the House Armed Services Committee Military Personnel
  • DOD officials release sexual assault statistics

    Defense Department officials here released March 17 a congressional report that examines sexual assault allegations in the military services and sets policies for reducing incidents. Key components of the annual analysis include a finding that indicates a rise in the number of incidents reported in fiscal 2008 and details of department-led