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Military Fatherhood Award

  • Published
  • By Mr. Tim Red, Director of Military Programming
  • National Fatherhood Initiative
This award is given each year to a military father who goes above and
beyond his duties - both as a serviceman and as a dad! 

To make sure he and his family stay connected throughout the stresses of military life.

The awardee is chosen from a pool of nominations by moms, wives, kids,
friends, and others from across the country and around the world! 

This year's awardee will be brought to Washington D.C. with his family and
will be recognized at a special ceremony on June 9, 2009.

You can get more information and nominate a father you know at

Please note - we're only accepting nominations until February 27th!

I would like to encourage you to nominate a dad you know, and also pass
this opportunity on to friends, family, and colleagues - it's a great way to
honor any devoted military dad!