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  • Reducing the Age to Collect Retirement Pay for Members of the Reserve Component

    Over a half century ago Congress established the age of 60 for retired members of the National Guard to become eligible for retirement pay. In contrast, members of the Active Component (AC) are able to qualify for retirement pay as early as age 37! This inequity persists, but remains one of the foremost issues of concern and fairness to our
  • 174th Fighter Wing members training to becoming certified instructors

    Wing senior leadership, unit members, family and friends were on hand to watch as 12 Airmen graduated from the unit's first Basic Instructor's Course on the 6th of February 2009. Air Education and Training Command sent Tech. Sgt. Ezekiel Jiminez to Hancock Field Air National Guard Base to teach a 5-week basic course that qualifies Airmen to become
  • 174th CBRNE Defense Awareness class offered

    The 174th Fighter Wing emergency management office here took the unique step of combining the computer based training and hands on skills Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear (CBRNE) Defense course into single day-long course. The day-long course was necessitated because the computer-based training was not available, so the emergency
  • Don't Let Financial Strain = Military Pain

    The news is bleak. Just listen to any news program for more than five seconds and you hear how bad the economy is, and how it is likely to get worse still. These are genuinely scary times, and even the most stouthearted amongst us seem to be grappling with what is going on. Some have lost their jobs, and many who are still working are worried about
  • Military Fatherhood Award

    This award is given each year to a military father who goes above and beyond his duties - both as a serviceman and as a dad! To make sure he and his family stay connected throughout the stresses of military life. The awardee is chosen from a pool of nominations by moms, wives, kids, friends, and others from across the country and around the
  • PCS'ing to Technical School? Read-up on BAH Entitlements

    Great information for personnel headed off to technical school in a Permanent Change of Station (PCS) status, whether in support of conversion or routine.... Members With Dependents: Members in the grades of E-6 without dependents going to Technical School (PCS) are entitled to Partial BAH if provided quarters based on the member's grade.
  • Super Bowl Safety Tips

    SUPER BOWL PLANNER: Fans Don't Let Fans Drive Drunk. Pass Your Keys to a Sober, Designated Driver Before the Super Bowl Begins. · Super Bowl Sunday is one of the year's most dangerous days on the nation's roadways due to impaired driving. · According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 130 people, representing 39 percent
  • Slips, Trips and Falls

    Slips, Trips and Falls continue to be one of the highest categories for mishaps on the base. In Fiscal Year 2006 there were 10 slips on ice incidents, FY07 there were 6 slips on ice incidents; FY 08 there were 9 slips on ice incidents; and currently for FY 09 there have been 7 slips on ice incidents. These are the reported slips; certainly there
  • The Chaplain's Word

    Greetings to all Air National Guard members and their families. The Chaplain's Office staff wishes each of you and your families a great New Year, and we hope that your recent holidays were great as well. It is my sincere hope and prayer for everyone that as we continue in the year of 2009, we will also receive the Lord's blessings and remember the
  • This Week in Guard History

    The Inaugural Parade for President John F. Kennedy marks a high point in the number of National Guard ceremonial units participating in the "pass in review" for the new president. A total of 16 distinctively uniformed Guard units march down Pennsylvania Avenue. Most are "old" commands, like the National Lancers from Massachusetts, Pennsylvania's