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  • Training Like Crazy

    SYRACUSE, NY -- The 174th Attack Wing conducted a four day training exercise at Hancock Field Air National Guard Base this week.
  • 174th Attack Wing Hosts Career Fair

    174th Attack Wing Hosts Career Fair
  • Military Auxiliary Radio System

    HANCOCK FIELD AIR NATIONAL GUARD BASE, NY -- Not everyone who drives through the gates of Hancock Field Air National Guard Base on a 174th Attack Wing drill weekend Saturday wears an Air Force Uniform.
  • Guard member steps up to the challenge during pandemic

    Across the country, the coronavirus pandemic has made teachers rethink their approach to the school year. Teachers are facing many different challenges, whether educating while social distancing in classrooms or virtually.  As the challenges continue to pile on, there will always be teachers that step up and meet the challenges head on.  One of
  • Where there is a Will there is a.. Fowler?

    Staff Sgt. Fowler re-enlists at the 174th Attack Wing
  • Historic Site Training Center

    Fort Indiantown Gap, also referred to as “The Gap” or “Fig”, which has a history that dates back to the mid-1700s. The current post was originally developed by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania as a National Guard training site in 1931. The installation has served as home to the Pennsylvania National Guard as well as active units of the United States Army.
  • Competition at the 174th Attack Wing

    Weapons crews from Texas and California traveled to the 174th Attack Wing to compete in a weeklong training competition alongside our airmen from August10-13. During the weeklong event, teams split the mandatory loading training into four different competitive events. The week ended with a ceremony and trophies were given to the winning crews.
  • 174th Attack Wing Reopens Base Gym

     With concerns of COVID-19 running high. Many companies and businesses decided to temporarily shut down certain day to day operations. This, of course, was done to prevent to possible spread of the virus.Work that is deemed essential didn’t have the luxury of doing this. So essential workers had to use other preventative measures.The 174th Attack
  • Creative Training Solutions Aid in Cyberwarfare

     Cyberwarfare is an ever growing and changing frontline. Due to this fact, the Airmen of the 152nd Air Operations Group (AOG), who are experts at strategizing, planning and directing the joint execution of air power through the Air Operations Center (AOC) have decided to focus on different methods of training. The AOC has ensured America’s
  • Realistic Wartime Training

    The 174th Maintenance Group’s Forward Operating Location (FOL) provides flying units the ability to operate in realistic wartime training for pilots, maintenance and support personnel at Wheeler Sack Army Air Field (WSAAF) on Fort Drum, New York.